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Preventive care in a pediatric setting is comprised mainly of three parts:

  • Regular visits to a Pediatrician to assess the growth and development of the child
  • Being up-to-date on recommended vaccines for Children
  • Parents being aware of the basics of child health, growth and development milestones and new developments and participate actively in the child’s health and well being

Please refer to the following link for recommended vaccination and preventive care schedules for children as per American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines and IAP Guidelines.


In India most of us take our children to a Pediatrician only when they are sick. This is not the case in most developed countries. It has been proven by various studies that regular well visits to a Pediatrician is an effective way of preventing or identifying conditions which are not conducive to the growth and development of children. Preventive care has been proven to be much more cost effective which is the reason why health insurance companies in US and other developed countries actively promote preventive care.

Those with appointments get priority. Even though we try to see patients who do not have appointments, to avoid waiting it is recommended that you call ahead for an appointment. Also appointments help us prepare ourselves for your visit to serve you better.

  • We treat parents as active partners in the care of their children, we focus on parent education as a main component of care
  • We focus on preventive care and continuity of care
  • We spend 15-45 minutes with each family on each visit
  • With appointments you don’t have to wait to see a doctor
  • We keep detailed electronic medical records of your visit
  • We use technology to proactively advise you of things you need to do regarding the health of your children
  • Personal follow up by your pediatrician on each visit

You may, however this is not something which can be assured in most cases. There are many reasons why most providers are not able to provide effective preventive care:

  • Most pediatricians in Kerala see a large number of patients every day. Unless you have sufficient time to spend with patients preventive care focus is not possible
  • Without parent education and participation preventive care is a non-starter
  • The doctors need to keep detailed history of patients e.g. growth charts, to be able to provide appropriate guidance to parents, most doctors in Kerala unfortunately are not equipped to do that
  • Doctors need to be trained and oriented in a preventive care setting

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is software which keeps detailed history of each patient including details of their visits to the doctor, illnesses, medication history, growth data, vital signs recorded etc.

By keeping patient data in an EMR, a provider will be able to keep track of the health and well being of their patients and provide better care, continuity of care and ensure quality of care according to set standards

There are a large number of areas where technology can make a difference. To give one example, we use a vaccination reminder system which intelligently suggests appropriate vaccinations for children and alerts the parents by SMS and e-mail of upcoming vaccinations

Each visit if followed by the pediatrician personally by phone, that way we try to ensure that the treatment outcomes are as expected

Yes, AllForKids provide all age appropriate vaccinations for children. This includes those vaccines included in the National schedule and the optional vaccines

Yes they are safe, Vaccines are one of the most notable success stories in medical science over the last century. Please refer to the articles about vaccination section on our resources page https://www.allforkidsindia.com/allforkids/resources/index.aspx  for more information

The main difference in our vaccination services are:

  • Each child is seen by a pediatrician during the vaccination
  • All vaccine administrations are done by a pediatrician.
  • You don’t have to wait in a crowded hospital lobby
  • Detailed vaccine administration records are kept in patient charts
  • Vaccine cold chain efficacy is ensured at our facility
  • Single dose vials are used wherever possible to ensure maximum vaccine efficacy
  • Patient handouts are provided for each vaccine
  • Combination vaccines are provided on request to reduce the number of vaccine administrations
  • Our Vaccine Reminder service reminds you of upcoming vaccinations by e-mail or SMS.